School Grants


The Strafford County Master Gardeners Association is committed to providing research-based gardening education to communities in Strafford County.

In 2018, we created this grant program to assist K-12 school teachers in their gardening programs.

The grant is named in honor of Carolyn Bassage, an educator, who was instrumental in forming the SCMGA.

To find out if your school is participating in this program, ask your principal or send an email to SCMGA.grants(at)gmail(dot)com.

Grant Request Form: Submit before October 1 or March 1.

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Photo Release Form: Include when you send a photo with recognizable people.

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History of School Grants Awarded:
2019 – Idlehurst Elementary School, Somersworth, for a pollinator and herb project
2019 – Maple Wood Elementary School, Somersworth, for a 3 sisters seedling study
2019 – Nute Middle High School, Milton, for a composting project


Are you looking for seeds for a school project? Check out the Free Seed Project for further information.