Wordless Wednesday

Submitted by: Jon B., MG since 1996

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UNH Cooperative Extension and Strafford County Master Gardeners Association welcome Jaime Roberge, Program Associate, Food & Agriculture, to Strafford County.

From her UNH Bio: “Jaime is the primary contact for all agricultural producers in Strafford county and connects clients with the appropriate Extension specialists as needed. Jaime also works with the Extension’s Landscape and Greenhouse Horticulture area of expertise to develop programming for greenhouse, nursery and landscape professionals.

Jaime has worked in the landscape industry since 2008 where she refined her gardening skills. As a student of Horticulture and Sustainable Agriculture, Jaime has worked to better understand the ways in which gardens work and thrive, and the best management practices for both environmental health and aesthetics. Along with her work in landscaping, she received her Permaculture Design Certificate with the intention of being able to learn and educate others on the importance of native gardening and permanent agricultural practices where possible. Her favorite gardening topic to teach is perennial pruning.

When she’s not gardening, Jaime lives in South Berwick, Maine with her husband and two dogs. She enjoys all things nature, reading, and spending time with her family.

Educational Background

  • AAS – Horticulture Technology, Thompson School of Applied Science
  • BS – Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, University of New Hampshire – Durham
  • MDS – Sustainable Design, Boston Architectural College

Professional Associations

  • NHLA – Certified Landscape Professional”

Jamie is “looking forward to working with the Strafford County Master Gardeners. Gardening is my passion and it sounds like the MG’s in Strafford truly love it too! I think we can do some great work together!”

Strafford County residents can reach Jamie by calling 603-749-4445, emailing jaime.roberge@unh.edu, or stopping by the office at 268 County Farm Road, Dover, NH, 03820-6003.

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Wordless Wednesday

Submitted by:  Dottie Oliver, MG since 2016

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January gardening

Unless you reside in a southern state or are the proud owner of a heated greenhouse, you’re probably not gardening outdoors in New England, but you may be thinking about it. 🍅

Items such as seeds, trays, growing medium, shelves, lighting, and warming mats may be taking up part of your daytime thoughts.

If you are interested in a little history and some tips on searching for the perfect seeds at the right price, check out the CN blogger, Laidback Gardener’s Plant Hunting Season.

On Pegplant, a VA blogger, there is a comprehensive list of seed companies including their informational links.

Once you have your list of seeds, there is also step-by-step information on how to start seeds on the UNH Cooperative Extension website.

If you find the seed starting information valuable, you might also want to check out some of the other UNH Cooperative Extension home gardening plant fact sheets that cover topics such as flowers, shrubs, and ornaments, food safety, fruits and vegetables, gardening, lawns, livestock, and pests.

Still have questions? No problem. Call, stop in, or email the Education Center Infoline where NH Master Gardeners are available to answer your questions.

Want some other options to stay current about gardening topics in January, check out UNH Cooperative Extension on Facebook or Ask UNH Extension on Instagram.

Or, if you are wondering about the Master Gardener program, here is a link to the upcoming classes in NH. If you have questions about the program and would like to talk to a MG, feel free to send us an email.

While you’re there you might stop by and see what Strafford County Master Gardeners are up to on Facebook and Instagram as well because I can guarantee you that we’re all thinking about gardening even though it is January.

Don’t have the time or interest in starting seeds? We’ve got you covered there too.

Mark your calendar – May 20, 2018 – 16th Annual SCMGA Plant Sale, Durham.  🌷

Submitted by:  Judy V., MG since 2007

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Wordless Wednesday

Submitted by:  Jon B., MG since 1996


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This year I tried something new in my vegetable garden.

After the summer crops were done, I planted mâche (pronounced “mosh”) along with my usual fall crops of spinach and arugula.

It is sometimes called “corn salad” or “lambs’ lettuce.”

I found out that French farmers began cultivating mâche ( Valerianella locusta) in the 17th century, and it’s high in vitamins A and C. What a great plant!

After germination, the seedlings did nothing for awhile, but I kept watering and as soon as it got cooler they took off.

Lovely green rosettes grew thickly, and they might have been even better had I thinned them out as suggested on the seed packet.

I started harvesting in October, after the spinach and arugula were long gone.

The leaves are tender, delicious, and not much damage by pests. They still look and taste as good as new after several hard frosts in Durham.

This photo was taken December 6. If I had more to harvest, I might try a floating row cover to keep it going even longer. I am definitely planting this again next fall, and encourage you to do so too!

Submitted by:  Barbara F., MG since 1998

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Wordless Wednesday

Submitted by:  Jean O., MG since 2009

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