School Garden Update

Social Distance School Garden Prep

Though it’s hard to predict when kids will be getting back into the school gardens, we know for sure it won’t be this school year with COVID 19 school closures extended to ensure greater safety in Somersworth and the State of NH school communities. 

Spring weather and plenty-to-do has a few staff and volunteers keeping busy in staggered shifts.  Maple Wood Elementary School’s 4th grade teachers Jennifer Landry and Emily Wilson designed and planned, applied for and received Strafford County Master Gardener school grants, for when the time is right and safe for students to gather. 

School custodians made quick business of spreading wood chips that were donated by the Somersworth DPW, and FTS Coordinator, Wendy Berkeley, and her sidekick, Ivy, made a border with bricks from a dismantled chimney. 

 Stay safe at home for as long as this takes, and the gardens will be ready for years to come.  

Submitted by: Wendy Berkeley, Somersworth Farm to School Coordinator


Strafford County Master Gardeners Association, part of the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, is forty+ gardeners strong, educating through gardening in Strafford County New Hampshire.
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2 Responses to School Garden Update

  1. Oddment says:

    “For as long as it takes” is a wonderful way to put it, both as a gardener and as an educator.

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  2. Yet again I’m with Oddment. “Stay home as long as it takes!” And when this is finally over, the groundwork will have been laid for the gardens.

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