Grow Organic

The Education Center at the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension would like to invite you to the 2017 Gardening Workshop Series: “Grow Organic Vegetables & Fruits.”


To register for the entire series, please click on the button below:

To register for individual workshops, click on the link next to each workshop you would like to register for:

March 1…Vegetable & Fruit Garden Planning.7-9pm. Improve the function of your garden while increasing yields, lowering costs, and reducing workload. We will talk about garden location & layout, seeds, plants, equipment, and so much moreRegister

March 8…Starting Plants from Seeds.7-9pm. Starting plants from seeds is a great way to grow your favorite vegetables and save money at the same time.  Join us for this fun, hands-on workshop. Register

March 15…Healthy Soil for Happy Plants, Part 1. 7-9pm. Feed your soil to feed your plants. Create healthy soil to improve yields and the nutritional quality of your fruits and vegetables while reducing pests and diseases in your garden. Register

March 22…Healthy Soil for Happy Plants, Part 2.  7-9pm. Learn some simple steps to better manage the nutrients in your soil.  Benefit from lower costs while improving the environment.  Bring your soil tests and we’ll take a peek. Register

March 29…Container and Raised Bed Gardening. 7-9pm. Growing fruits and vegetables in containers is a great way to save space and improve the efficiency of your garden. We’ll show you all the tricks to growing healthy, bountiful plants in small spaces. Register

April 5…A Fungus Among Us.  7-9pm. Do you have sickly plants or tons of gnarly weeds in your garden?  Let us provide you with strategies and solutions to reduce diseases and manage weed pressures in your garden. Register

April 12…The Good, the Bad & the Ugly. 7-9pm. Squash bugs and potato beetles. Mice and ground hogs. Deer, bear, and DRAGONS! They’re all in my garden! Learn how to attract and keep the good guys around while scaring the bad guys away. Register

April 19…Growing Your Favorite Veggies. 7-9pm. Beans, beans the magical fruit…  Carrots & onions, cucumber & squash, lettuce, broccoli, spinach; they are all magical!  We’ll show you some nifty tricks for greater success and improved yields. Register

May 3…Great Tasting Tomatoes. 7-9pm. My kingdom for a great tasting tomato! Whether you have one tomato plant or one hundred, this is the workshop for you. Learn how to grow nutritious, great tasting tomatoes. Register

May 10…A Four Season Harvest. 7-9pm. Yes!  You can harvest fresh vegetables all year long, even in New Hampshire!  Learn the strategies & techniques for year-round vegetable production.  We will even show you how to build an inexpensive greenhouse. Register

May 13…Farm Visit. 10am-1pm. Tour Living Earth Farm, a certified organic micro-farm, to see how we implemented these principles. Register

“No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden…But though an old man, I am but a young gardener.”

Thomas Jefferson to Charles W. Peale, August 20, 1811.



Strafford County Master Gardeners Association, part of the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, is fifty+ gardeners strong, educating through gardening in Strafford County New Hampshire.
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  1. Oddment says:

    Whew! What a line-up of good stuff! And what a great quote from Mr. Jefferson. Thanks!

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