Hyder House Happenings

The gardens at Strafford County’s Hyder Family Hospice House are being rejuvenated!

As new interns, we wondered what could we do to make the gardens peaceful for the guests, their families, friends and staff?

Screenshot 2016-08-10 16.36.32

We decided to create a serene, welcoming entrance to the building. “Friends of Hyder” helped accomplish the transformation with a very generous donation. We also thank Rob Essex from the Wentworth Green Houses for his advice on plant and perennial selections.

With the help of volunteers, who were educated in the proper techniques of successful planting (compost, root stimulator, fertilizer, correct depth, and placement), our makeover was complete.

Before and after pictures below:

Screenshot 2016-08-10 16.37.02

Screenshot 2016-08-10 16.37.19

Screenshot 2016-08-10 16.37.35

A short time after planting the entrance circular garden to Hyder House and less than 24 hours after installing soaker hoses, a delivery truck drove thru the garden, destroying several shrubs, perennials, and the new soaker system.

Screenshot 2016-08-10 16.37.58

A week later a moose strolled through the Hyder House grounds VERY CLOSE to the new plantings…thankfully the moose did not stop for a snack!

Screenshot 2016-08-10 16.38.13Currently, we are mapping and identifying all the trees, shrubs and perennials on the grounds. In addition, this fall we’ll be planting 400 bulbs in the circular garden.

Every time we work at Hyder House, the staff, visitors, and volunteers always thank us. They stated on several occasions never to under estimate the effect the beautiful surroundings have on the guests and their families while in residence.

We are happy to give back to Strafford County and the many families Hyder House assists as they navigate loss of life.

Submitted by: 2015 MG Interns – Marie V, Amy V., and Lynn A.



Strafford County Master Gardeners Association, part of the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, is fifty+ gardeners strong, educating through gardening in Strafford County New Hampshire.
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One Response to Hyder House Happenings

  1. Oddment says:

    I cringed to read about the delivery truck. But I cannot think of a better way to use plants and all that they bring to life. What a gracious project.

    Liked by 1 person

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