NHMGA Symposium Notes

Saturday, March 12, 2016, was a full day of gardening workshops and conversations with other Master Gardeners from across the state of New Hampshire. Silent auction, book sales, NHMGA apparel, and a nice breakfast and lunch made for a fun day.

The symposium included:

  • Sycamore Field Community Garden, Concord, update by Judy Elliott and Cheryl Bourassa. NHMGA provided a grant which helps support the efforts to create a gardening community for refugees.
  • Taking the Time to Smell the Roses in your Garden with Susan Kierstead, Perennials from Susan.
  • Eating Your Vegetables, microbial life in the soil and carbon exchange, with Laura Wolfer, Cultivate Your Nature.
  • America’s Romance with the English Garden with Rockingham County MG, Thomas Mickey, author of “American’s Romance with the English Garden.” Video.
  • A Natural Approach to the New England Apple Orchard with Linda Hoffman, Old Frog Pond Farm.

SCMG’s in attendance were: Anne A., Marie V, Amy V., and Roz M. in the top photo.  Joan V., Jean O., Kathy T., Judy V., Carol S., and Susie H. in the bottom photo.


Nice day of gardening and conversation thanks to all of the hard work of the NHMGA. If you missed the opportunity to purchase NHMGA apparel, here’s a link to their on-line store which is open for a couple of more weeks.

Submitted by: Judy V., MG since 2007



Strafford County Master Gardeners Association, part of the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, is fifty+ gardeners strong, educating through gardening in Strafford County New Hampshire.
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